How to Set Up Auto Pay Membership Renewals in netFORUM

Posted by Lindsey Swanson on Sep 21, 2017 1:14:05 PM
Lindsey Swanson
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Renewing members can be arduous. Email follow ups, reminder calls, invoice mailings, and more. It takes time and resources to retain your members year over year. Auto-paid renewals can help streamline the process and generate more reliable recurring revenue and membership.

For netFORUM Enterprise users, setting up auto-pay membership renewals can be as simple as flagging a few checkboxes in your AMS. Your members can then be retained and immediately charged for their membership year over year, so they don’t have to remember to submit payment, and your staff doesn’t have to scramble to get them to renew before their membership expires.

To gain a comprehensive step-by-step overview of how to go about automating this process in netFORUM Enterprise, things to keep in mind around communications, and more, view our on-demand webinar.


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