Introducing Improved Legends in Nucleus

Posted by Tim Franklin on Apr 26, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Our product team is enthusiastic about improving how users engage with their data by providing more powerful experiences in Nucleus. Client feedback helps influence our roadmap in new and exciting ways, and given this, we're excited to share the latest and greatest enhancement:

What’s New?

Nucleus’s user experience just got even better with new chart legends! We improved the initial legend experience to provide better insights, specifically for those using Nucleus in non-interactive ways. Now it’ll be even easier to glean at-a-glance insights and give clear presentations to those who are simply viewing the reports and not personally navigating them.

bar chart legend 

If you’re worried about the interactive tooltips, don’t be; you have these to find more granular detail on charts.

How Does It Work?

Carousel cards provide legends when applicable and even have an overflow option to see more values if your data has more variety than will fit in the legend.

Detail pages (accessed by drilling through the cards or through the sidebar navigation’s arrow buttons) have toggle-able sidebar buttons on applicable charts so you can choose when/if you want to see the legend.


detail page legend 

Legends also work well on mobile and tablet devices, too!


Why Is It Important?

It’s never been easier to quickly obtain and share insights with Nucleus. The key is more accessible than before, and it contains easily digestible information that simplifies the user experience, making Nucleus even more powerful and intuitive for everyone in the organization.

Pie charts, in particular, have a much-improved user experience, with the percentages of each slice also indicated in the legend.

pie chart legend 

Not only do these legends make charts easier to understand at-a-glance, but also make taking and sharing screen captures even more useful. 

We hope these new legends provide you even more value from Nucleus to make data-driven decisions more easily. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments below, and be on the lookout for more great features and user experience improvements from the Nucleus team!


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