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Posted by Andrew Vincent on Jan 27, 2016 3:57:08 PM

Baseline netFORUM allows your customers to establish a wide variety of communication preferences.

netFORUM communication preferences can range from more granular, content specific groups such a Membership, Fundraising, and Event Marketing to broader mailing lists such as newsletters and information sheets.

There are two different places in an individual’s netFORUM profile that association staff can manage these preferences:

  1. Communication preferences
  2. Mailing lists

The more granular content preferences are found on the communication preferences window. Preferences that are saved here will only apply to communications that are relevant to those specific content areas.

Communication Preferences 1

Mailing list preferences are found under the “Correspondence” tab.

Communication Preferences 2

An alternative to staff management of these preferences is the baseline self-service options provided by netFORUM eWeb.

Once your customer is signed in to their profile, they only need to click the “My Communications Preferences” link found on the right navigation.

Communication Preferences 3

Once the My Communication Preferences form displays, you will see the same content specific preferences that were available in netFORUM iWeb.

In this eWeb self-service model, however, both the content type preferences and the mailing list preferences are visible on the same window. The content specific messages are shown under the “Promotional Messages” heading and the mailing list preferences are shown under the “Subscription Messages” heading.

Communication Preferences 4

It is important to note that mailing lists will only appear in the eWeb preference manager if the mailing list is set to show online.

Communication Preferences 5

Using the available baseline netFORUM communication preferences gives members quite a few options which can be managed both by association staff and members themselves!

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