Remind your members (and potential members) of even more benefits of membership by configuring your pricing options.

Posted by Andrew Vincent on Apr 20, 2016 3:39:33 PM

Baseline netFORUM allows you to configure a wide range of prices for your customers. While the most common price division is between members and non-members, it is completely possible to introduce a much deeper complexity to your products. For example, complex pricing is especially useful when working with event registrations. Early bird prices, exhibitor discounts, committee registrations, and certification tracks are all common scenarios.

Prices can also be assigned multiple attributes and attribute combinations. As an example, the $25 mousepad in the screenshot below is available for both members and non-member executives.

Lowest Price Only - multiple pricing attributes for a single item

In situations where a customer is eligible for multiple prices, it is important to decide if you’d like that customer to see all of their options. In some scenarios, it is beneficial to highlight member discounts as part of a shopping experience.

Show lowest price and full price in your store.

It can also be helpful to highlight price discounts during the event registration process.

Price discounts in netFORUM event registrations.

However, there is an important decision to be made when considering these pricing opportunities. Baseline netFORUM provides a system option called “LowestPriceOnly” that will automatically filter any available prices to the lowest price.

netFORUM Lowest Price Only option

If this system option is set to “On,” any products will only display a single price to the customer.

Event registration with Lowest Price Option turned on.

As you can see in the screen shot above, the cart is no longer displaying the non-member price. This could be a missed opportunity to reinforce the benefits of membership for your customers.



Pricing configuration is found under a product’s price attribute.

netFORUM Product Price Attribute

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