Nucleus Product Update: Adding Chart Sliders and Typeahead Filters

Posted by Tim Franklin on Nov 16, 2017 1:59:16 PM

Nucleus charts are now simpler and finding the information you need is even easier. These new, exciting features will equip you to better visualize the full picture and quickly find the right data.

What’s New?

  • Chart Sliders

If there isn’t enough room in a chart to display all of the items in a series, you can now use a slider control on bar charts, line charts, and area charts. It’s a powerful feature that enables you to slide more data into view and adjust the chart according to your preference to make it more or less compact for easier viewing.

nucleus chart sliders.png

  • Typeahead filters

Nucleus’ new typeahead filter control gives you quick access to find a data point—whether it’s a specific email marketing campaign, a discussion topic in your online community, or a custom membership field with oh-so-many-values. This new feature makes it easier to quickly find the exact data you’re seeking. Simply choose the appropriate single-select filter from the list in the sidebar, then start typing to reduce the list of choices. If you prefer, you can scroll and choose it with your finger (or mouse), the same way you always have.

nucleus typeahead filters.png

How Do They Work?

Good news: these features are already in your Nucleus instance, free of charge! You can log into your account and begin saving time immediately.

Why Are They Important?

You’ll be more efficient because your data will be simpler to see, interpret, and take action on. We believe data is for everyone, and everyone should be able to see their visualizations in whatever format is most easily understandable. Creating an easy-to-use, powerful, and intuitive interface is a top priority for us, and building these new features is one more way we are committed to simplifying your user experience.

Have you already begun using them? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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