Nucleus Product Update: Integration with YourMembership and GoToWebinar

Posted by Tim Franklin on Sep 14, 2017 10:35:18 AM

Nothing makes us happier than giving our customers more access to their data. That’s why we’re constantly building out-of-the-box integrations, one of Nucleus’ best features. We’re here to empower you with data, and the more platforms we connect, the more equipped you’ll be to make smart business choices.

What’s New?

Gravitate is excited to announce two new valuable integrations in the Nucleus tool belt—GoToWebinar and YourMembership!

How Does It Work?

YourMembership customers: you can now use Nucleus to see insights and trends with your members, events, dues revenue, online sales, and other AMS modules. Additionally, Nucleus can blend that data with other systems like email marketing platforms, online communities, and more for an even greater understanding of your member engagement.

GoToWebinar customers: you can gain direct insight into the effectiveness and usage of your webinars for various member types, generations, tenure lengths, and virtually any other trackable metric.

Nucleus can even track goals against these new data sources, so you can see updated analytics in near real time for how many webinar attendees you’ve registered, what percentage have paid memberships, or how many attended an event—all accessible from anywhere with a few taps from your mobile device or conference room display.

Why Is It Important?

Nucleus provides several unique and valuable benefits for your organization, but one of the biggest value additions is the ability to blend multiple data sources together. Having data in several disconnected systems makes it difficult to see the whole picture of your organization.

With Nucleus, you can see how your email marketing campaigns impact cross-sections of your membership or drive event attendance. You can see how certain members are more active in your online community. This data, which lives in different systems, can be combined and represented as one cohesive, easy-to-understand visualization.

How is this possible? Through the power of integrations! Nucleus synchronizes data from various sources by using a variety of different techniques, depending on the system. This allows you see and understand data from a broad range of technologies using one intuitive platform.


YourMembership and GoToWebinar are two great additions to an ever-expanding offering of integrated systems, such as netFORUM, iMIS, Real Magnet, Constant Contact, and Higher Logic. Read through our full portfolio of integrations and see how Nucleus can help you understand your data, regardless of the system.

Don’t see one of your tools listed yet?  We are constantly building more integrations, so talk to us today to see how your platform fits into the Nucleus product roadmap. And if you subscribe to our blog, you’ll never miss exciting new integration and feature announcements!


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