Nucleus Product Update: Introducing Goals

Posted by Christie Gunden on Jul 27, 2017 11:39:00 AM
Christie Gunden

At Gravitate Solutions, we believe in the power of setting and achieving goals -- the more specific, the better. And we know that tracking and reporting doesn’t have to suck all your time and energy. That’s why we’re so excited about Nucleus’ new goals feature, and we think you will be too.

What’s New?

Not only does Nucleus provide insight into your past and present, it can now shape your future with its new goal-tracking capabilities! Whether your goals are granular or very broad, whether the supporting data lives in one software platform or 7, you can now track progress on your essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Nucleus. We want to walk with you as your organization accomplishes brilliant things.

How Does It Work?

Nucleus now has the capability to import and track specific goals for your organization.  Whether it's event attendance, memberships, donations, renewal rates, e-mail marketing open rates, or virtually any other KPI metric—if the data is retrievable, Nucleus can track it.

Your goal might be a specific number, such as 2,000 conference attendees, or it might be a rate, such as retaining 75% of your members from the previous year.  You can provide specific goals based on segments of your data, such as student memberships, and/or overarching goals such as 50,000 members.

Why Is It Important?

We’ve established that setting and tracking goals are an essential component to driving organizational growth. Nucleus’ new goal feature changes the game by enabling quick and easy reporting for goals that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to track accurately. So go ahead and set the specific goals that your organization needs to thrive, because tracking them is now simple.

We designed the goals feature with simplicity in mind. You can track against various time increments such as annual, quarterly, or weekly goals. The display itself is an easy-to-read list of three numbers:

  1. Your current value (which updates in near real-time with synchronizations from your various data sources)
  2. Your goal value
  3. The percentage of your current value against your goal

Goal Examples:


We’re committed to creating outstanding user experiences (UX) and are continuing to test and improve the new goals feature. As we incorporate more user feedback, you can expect exciting new improvements to the visual design and functionality.

How are people using it?

Adding this new feature to your Nucleus account won’t cost a dime. We’ll work with you to set up a goal that makes sense for your organization.

One of our Nucleus clients is using the new goals feature to track conference registration and membership goals. Another organization set a macro goal of increasing membership, but has identified millennials as a critical target demographic. In order to hit their macro goal, this organization is tracking member acquisition and retention rates among millennials.

Visualizing data is a basic element of business intelligence, but setting strategic goals and tracking against them is the next level. A new door is wide open. Now that you’re able to easily track across platforms, which new goals will you identify?

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