The Best Content of 2017: A Year in Review

Posted by Christie Gunden on Jan 11, 2018 3:15:00 PM
Christie Gunden

2017 marked a year of trying new things at Gravitate Solutions. Among those, we invested more time than ever in creating quality, educational content that will keep you informed about important industry updates and help you become better at your jobs. Data is transforming associations for the better, and these materials explain how your organization can take advantage of informed decision-making, too.

Below are our most popular pieces from 2017. Enjoy!

Top Blog Posts


5) Hosting a BI platform:
On-premise vs. Cloud

One component of your BI strategy may be
choosing a BI platform, and how you host it 
will impact your budget, implementation, 
security, and accessibility. 


4) 4 Benefits of a Data Culture

But even with the best analytics strategy, any
organization’s efforts will be unsuccessful 
without a supportive data culture.


3) The Difference between
Member Retention and
Renewal Rate

The terms retention and renewal rate are 
often used synonymously when assessing how 
effective an association is at keeping members.



 2) Why is Everyone Talking
About Data Analytics?

But why is data such a hot topic?  How can
data really make a difference?


 1) Data Warehouse vs. Data
Lake and Why it Matters

How you store your data has major implications. 
Begin forming your strategy by understanding
the options and trade offs between data 
warehouses and data lakes. 

 data lake.jpeg

Top Webinars [on-demand]


3. Powerful Ways Associations
Use Data Today

Learn emerging best practices in data, how
other associations are successfully using data,
and tangible takeaways that save time and money.



2. Conferences, Fundraising
and Member Records: How 
Data is Making a Difference

Gain insight into how other associations are
strategically and tactically incorporating data
into their everyday processes. Don’t miss advice 
to other organizations and takeaways this 
association learned along the way.

 webinar vector.png

1. BI Doesn’t Have to be

Learn how one organization blends data 
from across Higher Logic, netFORUM, and 
Blue Hornet platforms for a real-time look
into essential organizational KPIs.


 Announcements (in no particular order):


Gravitate Solutions and Expo Logic celebrate their new partnership at ASAE Tech:



Our efforts continue to ramp up in 2018, and we have some exciting plans. Hope you’ll join us for more conference session presentations, webinars, blog posts, and parties!

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