The Importance of Database “Snapshotting”

Posted by Rob Miller on Aug 27, 2019 12:29:26 PM

Early in my career, I was asked by a large scientific society to write a report for them that compared year-over-year and month-over-month membership renewal numbers.  They were running a SQL-based association management system (AMS) so I embarked on a journey to write a complex stored procedure to support a Crystal Report. For those of you who have experience writing stored procedures, I had to employ many temporary tables and While Loops to achieve the desired outcome.

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Clean Data is the Foundation

Posted by Wes Trochlil on Jul 22, 2019 4:05:12 PM

“Let’s build a second floor on top of this pup tent in our backyard,” said no one, ever.

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Only 20% of my Member Data is in my AMS?

Posted by Rob Miller on Jul 18, 2019 10:34:50 AM

When we analyzed our Nucleus data across all our clients, we discovered that, on average, the Association Management System (AMS) or Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) comprises less than 20% of our client’s data – and that only includes the systems our clients have asked us to manage.  What’s more is that this percentage is falling as data in solutions such as email marketing, web analytics, and social communities grow at a rapid pace.

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Destroy Decision Silos With Blended Data

Posted by Shepherd Smith on Jun 26, 2019 11:18:51 AM

By Cecilia Sepp, CAE, CNAP
Principal & Founder, Rogue Tulips Consulting

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Top Data Visualization Trends for 2019

Posted by Christie Gunden on Jan 3, 2019 9:56:00 AM

Data is one of the hottest topics in business today, and the way it impacts business function is only getting started. Organizations are scrambling to glean insights from what data they have, while preparing for the exponential growth that will impact every facet of operations. Knowing these five trends will keep you ahead of the curve in 2019:

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Data Governance: Find A Process That Fits

Posted by Christie Gunden on Jun 21, 2018 3:34:27 PM

Creating a data governance strategy used to be a standard process, but evolving technology and agile methodology have enabled new and different approaches. Before you begin defining your data governance needs, consider your organization’s culture, timeline, and budget and whether an agile or traditional methodology would suit your needs best. The good news is, regardless of which path you choose, it’s easier than ever to create a strategy that’s both affordable and easy to adopt.

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